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Digital Pressure Gauges      Brinda Industries produced Digital Pressure Gauges are used for variety of industrial and laboratory applications for test and measure pressure parameter. Brinda Digital Pressure Gauges available with 0.15% precision accuracy to 1% industrial grade accuracy.

     Brinda Industries also deal with Pressure Transmitters for all industrial applications. Brinda can also provide application specific apparatus mounting like: Triclover Pressure Transmitter, Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter, Sanitary Pressure Transmitter, Homogenizer mount Pressure Transmitter, Explosion-proof Pressure Transmitter to suite specific on site pressure monitoring applications.
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Digital Pressure Gauges : 
Temperature Gauges :  Electric Contact Thermometer | Bi-Metal Thermometer | Mercury filled Thermometer
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Accessories :  Thermowell | Syphon | Snubber | Gauge Saver
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