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Brinda Industries "LA" Brand product win customer heart only due to best in house quality control, its divide in bellow part

The purpose of this procedure is to insure adequate controls of drawing and drawing changing and to insure the prompt distribution of new releases of obsolete and deleted drawings from use.

R &D department shall be responsible for preparation, distribution and maintenance of all drawings

Design and control main working principle
  • Affecting interchangeability of parts & assemblies.
  • Affecting safety
  • Affecting life
  • Affecting installation
  • Affecting service & spare parts
  • Affecting testing & tools in testing
  • Affecting operation
  • Affecting intended usage
  • Affecting performance.
The control and procedures listed in the manual are designed to satisfy the requirements of IS 3624 / EN-837 etc. This system provides for control of
     A) Incoming Inspection
     B) Inprocess Inspection
     C) Final Assembly & Testing with Test Reports
The Quality Control Department will provide adequate Procedures and Corrective and Preventive action

A) Incoming Inspection : We checked all Raw Materials, which are uses in our company with respect to all critical parameterschecking with proper method for that we provide our Raw Material Specifications to the supplier.
B) Inprocess Inspection : We checked all processes & Sub Assembly Process which are uses in our company with respect to all critical parameters checking with proper method for that we provide our In process Parameters to the Production & Quality Department.
C) Final Assembly and Testing with Reports : We checked all Final Products in our company with respect to all critical parameters checking with proper method for that we provide our Final Test Parameters to the Production & Quality Department.

Lab. checking can be categorized as under
  • A : Chemical checks of Raw materials.
  • B : Physical checks of Raw materials.
  • C : Tools / Fixture check.
  • D : Processes & Sub Assembly Check.
  • E : Finished product inspection.
  • F : Tests as per IS-3624/EN-837 or equivalent Standards.
A & B : All reports on incoming materials are arranged by labeling individually and separately maintained. Random checks on materials are conducted in-house, for superficial cracks, weight, and contents of elements etc;. Third party inspection reports for Chemical checks of Raw materials are regularized.

C : The Stores inspect tools & fixtures for its size and material performance, physically. Reports are then confirmed for its non-standard quality.

D : Cutting, Turning, Drilling, Punching, Taping, Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Screen Printing, Polishing, Painting etc Processes & Sub Assembly like Case, Socket, Capillary & Movement Assembly checked by our Quality Control Department and assured.

E : Finished goods are Calibrated with respective Master / Test Gauges for its accuracy and supported by various certifications. Accessories go through random checks on its thread sizes like NPT / BSP& leak test etc ...

F : Test facilities available in-house for :
(Pressure / Temperature Gauges)
(Testing Equipments)
Pressure Gauges :  Safety Pressure Gauge | Test Gauges / Master Pressure Gauge | Electric Contact Pressure Gauge | Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge | Compact Seal Pressure Gauge | Compact Capsule Pressure Gauge | Schaffer Diaphragm Pressure Gauge | Flush Diaphragm Pressure Gauge | Sanitary Pressure Gauge | Commercial Pressure Gauge | Heavy Duty Industrial Gauges | Maximum Reading Pointer Pressure Gauge | Mud Pressure Gauge | Homogenizer Pressure Gauge | Digital Pressure Gauge | SF6 Gas Pressure (Density) Gauge | Economical Pressure Gauge
Digital Pressure Gauges : 
Temperature Gauges :  Electric Contact Thermometer | Bi-Metal Thermometer | Mercury filled Thermometer
Temperature Sensor : 
Accessories :  Thermowell | Syphon | Snubber | Gauge Saver
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