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      Brinda Industries is a manufacturer of "LA" brand Temperature Gauges since 1994. Brinda produces temperature gauge with all measuring principles (contact type): Bi-Metal Temperature Gauges, Liquied Expansion Temperature Gauge , Gas Expansion Temperature Gauges.

     BRINDA make Bi-Metal Temperature Gauges available from -50 °C to 500 °C, also available with vertical mount, horizontal mount and all angle design, with 1% accuracy to 2% accuracy, .

     Brinda Industries produce Liquied/Gas Expansion Thermometer available from temperature range: -5 °C to 650 °C, with horizontal, vertical mount with/without extension capillary with 1% accuracy to 2% accuracy, Liquied Fillied Temperature Gauges available with electric contacts for on and off control and alarm porpose.

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Accessories :  Thermowell | Syphon | Snubber | Gauge Saver
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